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Preparing for Spring

As I look out the window today in early March I wonder if Spring will ever come and yet I know it will! Snow covers the grass and it feels so cold I wonder how anything can grow! It's amazing how tough some flowers are though and the anemones are starting to bloom in colors of pink, plum, pastels and white. They are short but will continue to stretch their legs as Spring warms up.

Wayne and I pruned our roses this week during the sunny but cold spell. It was a little later than we usually prune but we were covered in thick snow earlier. As I looked out at the tractor sitting under the rose arbor and the sun shining down, I told Wayne I think I can feel Spring coming!

We will set our clocks ahead on Saturday night and the days are getting longer. It won't be long now till we are bringing in loads of flowers! But until then, we prepare and we plant seeds and we wait, wait, wait!

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