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New greenhouse

Wayne and I started putting up our greenhouse in mid winter last year and finally finished it in February of this year. I can tell you that Winter is not a fun time to be putting in a greenhouse. I felt like I was walking on heavy stilts with the mud built up on the bottoms of my boots. But what a great feeling to finally get the plastic over the metal hoops. I couldn't wait to start planting! I couldn't decide what to plant so I planted a little of a lot of different flowers. Some have done fantastic like the sweet peas and others have not done so well. My sweet peas, cheerful mix stock (which I wish I would have planted more have), queen anne's lace, sapponaria, annual candytuft have done excellent. Burpulum is doing well too but it didn't come up as well as I hoped. Larkspur is also spotty, but I will definitely try them again. I seeded nicotina twice and it didn't come up so I think I will try started it in my little greenhouse and transplanting it next time. Looking forward to planting more and see what happens. I start market on tuesday June 10th and am looking forward to bringing my flowers and seeing my customers.

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