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About Our Farm

 Wayne and I moved to our home in the early 90's.  It was a blank 5 acres when we started!  We didn't start out to be farmers, but we always loved to garden and we planted vegetable gardens and flower gardens.  We started out with a milk cow and chickens and just growing for our own pleasure!  My sister Janet from J.Foss Gardens asked me to sell for her at the Chehalis Farmers Market.  I Fell in love with making bouquets with her and selling to the public.  I began planting lots of annuals and perennials at my farm and began selling them at the market.  In 2013 we began our own business and began selling at the market as Cathy's Cut Flowers. .  We started selling at the Portland flower growers market in 2016.  Our specialty is growing Garden Roses, but we also sell many other seasonal flowers and woodies.  We sell year round in Portland by growing and harvesting through the seasons.  Our busy harvest starts in March and ends sometime after Frost, Usually in early November!

Our Farm

Wayne and Cathy

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