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Roses are Budding Up!

My roses are budding up and I should start getting roses in the next couple weeks. I have had some leaf issues but we installed fans and have opened the end walls up during the day and that seems to be solving the problem. Wayne got the root zone heater set up and so far I'm impressed how much farther ahead my roses in the hoop house are compared to the roses planted outside. We have the root zone heated up to 60 degrees. It has been an unusually cold and wet spring and things are way behind compared to last year. I planted tulips in the hoop house last November and just finished picking them last week. My tulips in the field are starting to show some color! Yay! Sweet Peas are coming along slowly but they are coming! I looked back at pictures from previous years and was happy to see that I'm not behind schedule! April showers bring May Flowers -- I sure hope so!

My first rose of the season

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