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Spring Flowers!

What do I love about Spring? The flowers of course! I also love the frogs croaking in my pond, and the birds singing in the morning! So many flowers are blooming now, the tulips finished in the hoop house and now they are beginning to bloom outside! The daffodils are finishing up their bloom and the poppies are beginning to pop!

I love the Ranunculus and anemones -- so many colors and shapes and sizes! As I walk around the farm I see so many changes in my flowers, shrubs and roses! Plants are getting their leaves and new buds are swelling and getting ready to burst! The grass is so green and we are getting plenty of rain to bring on the May Flowers!

The weeds are getting harder to keep up with and seedlings and dahlia tubers are waiting for the ground to dry out so they can be planted! Everything has a season, as one flower fades and drops it's petals, another is taking it's place!

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